In its 10th year, Private Equity Internationa’s (PEI) Operational Excellence Awards continues to receive quality submissions on successful private equity value creation case studies. This year was no exception as the panel received over 70 entries, leading to competitive selections to fill the 12 categories awarded. Awards were broken down geographically and by size. The regions represened were Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Asia-Pacific; and the Americas.The four categories were: large-cap (entry price over $500 million); uppwer mid-market ($250 million to $500 million); lower mid-market ($100 million to $250 million); and small-cap (under $100 million). To qualify, GPs must have fully or partially exited a company between June 2020 and June 2021.

Upwelling participated in the process evaluating the GPs. Founder, Joncarlo Mark, served as one of eight the panel judges.

The panel consisted of the following industry experts:

To see the article and list of the award winners, click on the following PEI link: PEI Awards 2021