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The Dirtiest Words in Private Equity: NAV Loans

Over the last three years, average annual distributions for buyout funds between five and ten years old have dropped from 39% in 2021 to 13% in Q2 2023, the lowest distribution levels since 20091. Decreased M&A activity, wide bid-ask spreads for secondary transactions, and increased financing cost for portfolio companies are the key reasons. Not surprisingly, private capital fundraising is down 14% year-over-year as of Q3 2023. The confluence of these factors has led to a significant increase in fund level financings. 

Are All CVs Created Equal?

In the ever-evolving landscape of private equity, Continuation Vehicles have emerged as a critical tool for General Partners and Limited Partners. GPs use CVs to create liquidity for their investors and provide LPs an option to extend their investment in assets expected to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. LPs have increasingly used CVs to lock in strong realized IRRs, improve DPI and rebalance their portfolios (either as sellers or as buyers, to adjust exposure to sectors, geographies, strategies, or core managers).

Are LPs Missing the Boat? Examining GP-Led secondaries in the private equity market

Upwelling has released a research report on the proliferation and impact of GP-led secondaries in the private equity industry and within institutional portfolios. The report highlights the performance of Continuation Vehicles (“CVs”) over recent years and presents an analysis on the potential returns that LPs may miss by selling and not rolling into the new vehicles. The report addresses the decision that LPs face and provides the following results and recommendations…

Tail End Report - 2021 Research: Re-examining PE Fund Performance & Secondary Market Analysis

Upwelling has released an updated research report re-examining private equity performance of “Tail-End Funds” (funds operating beyond 10 years). Some of the key highlights and affirmations of the previous study include the following…

2019 Research on Tail-End Funds

Upwelling released an in-depth research report which examines the performance of private equity funds operating beyond 10 years (“Tail-End Funds”). The report details key findings, such as…